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Rock and Roll Over

A shot of the headtube of my previous PBR. That particular frame succumbed to a case of snappedbrakepostitis and died. She's still hanging around Skip's shop waiting for someone to weld her back to life. Today I spent an entire afternoon with Skip tinkering with my current PBR and her ailments. The latest problem showed up when I decided to change drivetrains again after hearing the same noises I had heard up to and including the time I went ass over tea kettle in the street one weekday morning in front of an electronics shop. Deciding to switch to a 36:15 I went to visit Dig-It and the friendly Skip-san. Skip didn't have the 15 tooth Profile cog, so I phoned a shop in Tokyo to see if they had one. Sure enough someone was able to help me. I would take my bike to work with me today, run it to Skip's after my shift at 4, haul ass into Shibuya, get the 15, go to Skip's Sunday morning with the 15 and help him build up my new drivetrain. Of course, things are never that easy when it comes to bicycles. If I've learned anything about them in the 20-odd years I've been riding them, it's that all bikes, regardless of wheel size, number of gears, frame materials or country of origin, are nothing but a friggin nightmare when it comes to doing anything remotely resembling changing a thing on them. OK, so this is the plan until I'm talking to Skip on the phone yesterday and notice that my left Profile DJ crankarm is cracked. This is the fourth Profile arm I have busted. 3 regular race arms and now one DJ. It didn't surprise me in the least and I decided to replace the arm. Yeah, so all's good right? Yeah, so I go to take the arms off and now that I have the titanium spindle the arms are giving me fits. I pound away with a rubber mallet, but to no avail. Eventually I get the cracked arm off and put the sprocket I had bought (a new 36 S&M guard-style like a Macneil) on the right arm and find out that because I had beat the hell out of it it bent. So now I'm looking at two new arms instead of one. I go to work with bike in tow, planning to go to Skip's and then Shibuya when the shop in Tokyo calls and says that they actually don't have the 15, that it was on the computer, but not on the floor. Change of plans again. Eventually after running through a number of gear ratio schemes at work and at the shop I settled with 36:14 for the time being, a new bottom bracket, as upon opening that sucker up we found that that was also busted and the real reason for the noises in the first place and two regular Profile race crankarms. Back to eating instant ramen for a month.
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